About Noah Glenn & Analyst Answers

I’m Noah Glenn. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in humanities, I moved to Europe with a Fulbright Fellowship. I landed a job in M&A in a digital company, and since then, I’ve moved into data-heavy financial analysis roles.

From the time I graduated from university, I started immersing myself in data and finance topics in independent study. At first, I was just curious about these analytical disciplines, but it soon became clear that they are indispensable skills in today’s business world. Shortly thereafter, I began to study business analysis as well.

I loved every minute of it, and began attending startup accelerators and business overhauls. I even started writing for a startup magazine. There was a lot of noise around the importance of data at that time, which has become a buzz word in the last few years.

The more I studied it, the more I realized how simple data analysis is at its core. It’s tricky to wrap your head around the fundamentals, but once you do, the rest flows. Unfortunately, universities and big online course companies have a hard time pining down and explaining simply the essential information.

The more information I consumed about data, finance, and business analysis, the more I grew frustrated with the curriculum available. Either it was too vague to be immediately useful, or I had to pay $1000s to access a course that could take months to complete.

I felt stuck, but determined. Over the course of the next few years, I amassed a body of knowledge in all three domains, weeded out any unnecessary information, and pinpointed the most important elements.

To be fair, theoretical knowledge is useful, just not when you start learning these topics. That’s why I try to slowly weave it into my work on AnalystAnswers.com.

At AnalystAnswers, our goal is to provide everyone with the confidence and tools they need to become and excel as data, finance, or business analysts. We believe these skills are critical for everyone to understand, so our courses are practical, targeted, thorough, and most importantly, cost-effective.

Nobody should feel like they need to pay $1000s of dollars to understand data, finance, and business analysis with a degree. And nobody should feel like they must devote 100s of hours to one course to make any progress.

Using practical, targeted, thorough approach, I’ve found that not only obtaining these skills is faster and easier, but also maintaining them is easier. This is because I focus only on the essentials.

Think about your own education. Do you remember everything from algebra 2, or only the topics that carry lasting value? I don’t remember the binomial theorem by heart, but I do remember what a best-fit line is!

The point here is that by focusing on the essentials, we understand more quickly and remember longer. In the context of data, finance, and business analysis, AnalystAnswers.com aims to do just that.

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