Noah is the founder & Editor-in-Chief at AnalystAnswers. He is a transatlantic professional and entrepreneur with 5+ years of corporate finance and data analytics experience, as well as 3+ years in consumer financial products and business software. He started AnalystAnswers to provide aspiring professionals with accessible explanations of otherwise dense finance and data concepts. Noah believes everyone can benefit from an analytical mindset in growing digital world. When he's not busy at work, Noah likes to explore new European cities, exercise, and spend time with friends and family.

AI Trading: Legitimacy & Legality

Artificial intelligence trading is a legitimate practice investors have employed since the 1990s. Originally called algorithms, trading programs are scaled versions of a basic technique: correlation. This core simplicity makes AI trading difficult to outline for legal purposes, like calling marketing a mass form of sales. Where do we draw the line? Data-driven AI trading […]

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14 Best AI Trading Software & Bots Reviewed [Free & Paid] 2024

AI trading software encompass everything from hands-off robo advisors to news aggregation, and everyone’s doing it. These tools fall into 4 categories: (1) robo advisors (via broker), (2) research automation, (3) alert assistance, and (4) alert execution. Beginners only need the first; everyone else needs one of each. To choose the right one, you must

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Top 27 Financial Management Software (List for 2023)

There’s a blurred line between “personal” and “business” financial management software (FMS). Understanding this will help you make a good choice. Most entrepreneurs run sole proprietorships or disregarded LLCs, so business and personal expenses like gas and phone get mixed together. You could use two apps, but shouldn’t your financial management software support the way

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